Neden Polikarbonat?

Neden Polikarbonat?

More Durable

Polycarbonate items are more durable than glass or porcelain products. They are virtually unbreakable.

Resistant Aganist Brasion

It is resistant aganist natural acids. Does not discolor. Complient with EU regulations.

Health Safe

Does not contain Cadmium or Lead. Suitable for Food contact. Recyclable, healty and environment safe.

Heat Resistant

Dishwasher safe. Resistant between -20 / +120 degrees. Complient with microwave ovens.

Clear and solid surface

It is as clear and smooth as glass. Perfectly reusable. Anti- bacterial.

Lab-test approved

All of raw materials approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Lab-test results are clear.

What is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is formless and clear thermo- plastics. Processed polycarbonate is available as colorful, clear or translucent alternative of glass. Unlikely from other plastics, polycarbonate does not deform or release harmful substances incase of high heats. It is as healty as glasses. 

Polycarbonate sheets are transparent and impact resistant, they can be used for producing different materials. It is widely used in producing Kitchen equipments, bullet- proof glasses, regular glasses, medicine equipments, auto spare parts, greenhouses, floopy discs, CD’s and outdoor lightning equipments.

Polycarbonate resists well aganist heat and this can be improved with the help of Flame retardants, incripted as FR on labels of the product.

Since they are resistant aganist impacts and transparent, widely used instead of glass. Regardless of this, they are defined as “ plastics of the new generation engineering”